Supporting Turkey’s efforts to combat human trafficking and promote
access to justice for all trafficked persons

In line with Turkey’s efforts on counter trafficking project founded by European Commission has been launched and implemented by IOM Mission to Turkey in close cooperation with the Turkish Government. The aim of this 2 years project was to provide support to Turkish institutions in their fight against human trafficking and protection of victims in line with EU council directives and harmonization with the EU Acquis. The specific objective was to increase identification and protection of victims of trafficking in Turkey and initiate prosecution of human trafficking crimes in Turkey.

The final beneficiaries of the project were the trafficked persons, Ministry of Interior of the Government of Turkey and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Turkey.

The target groups were two-fold; the first group is the potential and actual trafficked persons and the second target groups are mainly the institutional stakeholders listed;

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular Department which is the Coordinator of the National Task Force to Combat Trafficking.
  • The Ministry of Interior:
  • - Foreign Relations and EU Coordination Department
    - Public Order Department of the Turkish National Police
    - Human Smuggling Crimes Department of the General Command of Gendarmerie
    - Foreigners, Border and Asylum Department of the Turkish National Police
    - Anti-smuggling and Organized Crime Department of the Turkish National Police
  • Ministry of Justice:
  • - General Directorate of EU
    - General Directorate of the International Law and Foreign Relations
  • Ministry of Labour, EU Coordination Department
  • Ministry of Health, EU Coordination Department
  • The Human Resource Development Foundation
  • Foundation for Women’s Solidarity
  • 157 Helpline

The outputs to be delivered and the guaranteed results achieved by this project:

The project achieved its objective to support Turkey’s efforts on combating human trafficking. Overall public awareness was raised, effectiveness of operations, investigation and convictions were increased, training modules, materials, curriculum were developed, standardized and adopted. Capacity building activities were carried out in different sectors and at different level involving the law enforcement, the judiciary as well as the protection agencies. International cooperation was improved, EU models and best practices were review and a large extent transposed. Victims were assisted in the shelters, returned voluntarily and safely to home countries and some reintegration facilities provided in line with best European and international standards. Activities were conducted with the NGOs to support involvement of more NGOs in this field and outside of the main urban centre as well as to improve the NGO cooperation in the region and in turn their cooperation with the law enforcement agencies as well as other state and non state apparatus. Legal expertise and experiences in both law enforcement and the judiciary were boosted.

The project built on and substantially contributes to intra and inters agency cooperation and coordination that was boosted through the many activities that the different agencies had to implement jointly. The project gradually enhanced the level of ownership felt by all local actors and became the engine of the counter trafficking efforts of Turkey through 2008 and 2009. Through the project central level as well as field level coordination was improved, knowledge increased and experiences shared widely. Aside from specific achieved set out at the onset this should be seen as a major success of the project besides implementing the activities.